Beyond Fundamentalism

Religious conservatives have given fundamentalism a bad reputation. “Epistemology of Descartes is known as Fundamentalism. In his book of Meditations on First Philosophy, Descartes tr...

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Creating Everyone Everywhere Affordable Broadband Access

We produced a paper with recommendations for creating affordable fiber opticbroadband access. Below is the executive summary, and here is the full paper

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Learning from Mistakes

The ‘Frog and Peach’ comedy routine features Dudley Moore interviewing an eccentric restaurant owner played by Peter Cook. Cook describes in detail a failed restaurant that only serve...

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Trial & Error vs Recipe

Problem-solving can be seen broadly as transitioning a situation from one state to another. This view covers a host of human endeavors. Most often the end state is considered a goal o...

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How Math Works

Math stands alone in the discussions of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). Other fields of endeavor rely upon mathematics to create models of theories and work ...

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Experience of Reality

In the movie The Matrix (1999) the scene What is Real? has the main character named Neo connected to a computer simulation with a terminal jack in the back of his head. Once in the si...

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Feelings are very important. Emotional Intelligence (EI) has identified five characteristics as follows:

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The Importance of Errors

People often believe if errors and mistakes didn’t occur their lives would be better and the world would be a better place to live. Errors are important and their essential nature is ...

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What is Knowledge and does it matter?

Some think knowledge is a belief which is always true. They might say, “I know the sun will come up tomorrow.” But, such a statement would prove false in the aftermath of a supernova....

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Welcome to On Knowing!

On Knowing is the blog for Research on Knowing LLC. Here you will find articles posted exploring the practical application of epistemology to advance how we learn, understand and crea...

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