Creating Everyone Everywhere Affordable Broadband Access

Dan Dan Follow Aug 04, 2022 · 1 min read
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We produced a paper with recommendations for creating affordable fiber optic broadband access. Below is the executive summary, and here is the full paper

Executive Summary

This paper provides essential recommendations for creating affordable fiber optic broadband access. The current goal for service is 100 Mbps symmetrical (download and upload speed) at no more than $70/month. By 2032, 1 Gbps should be available for $100/month. Fiber optic technology should be used and the resulting network infrastructure should be publicly owned and regulated. Neighborhood networking projects decompose the larger network allowing the pursuit of a divide and conquer strategy. Each neighborhood project is driven by local support which can be financed as Local Utility Districts (LUD), grants, or other funding sources. A menu of private Internet Service Provider (ISP) companies compete to provide end-user services. Tools and other considerations that support effective implementation include online network performance testing and mapping to direct network implementation, cost-benefit analysis using total cost of operation for decisions such as underground versus aerial fiber optic installation, and implementation of a dig once policy to accelerate network backbone growth while saving both time and money. Dig once needs proper incentives to reward compliance.

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